Yachting or sailing to Vanuatu is an incredible experience

Our island paradise consists of 83 islands and is always a joy to sail through experienced by both newcomers as well as return yachties.  There are several yachting service suppliers located in Port Vila that are able to provide assistance, point you in the right direction in finding the best sailing season, to secluded bays, to answering general queries about sailing into and around Vanuatu. 

These yachties are longtime residents of Vanuatu, are very experienced sailors and will be able to assist you with all the questions you may have. Contact any of the suppliers and operators in our Provision and Maintenance page. 

Vanuatu Entry Formalities

Vanuatu is very welcoming of all its tourists whether they are arriving by air or boat! However, specific laws regarding customs, fishing, international borders, quarantine, immigration, anchorages and more need to be followed by all visitors. Click on the tiles below to access information. Know that the nice thing is with only 400 cruising vessels visiting Vanuatu's 83 islands and hundreds of safe anchorages, you won't get bothered with crowded anchorages. You'll simply be able take your time enjoying sailing in Vanuatu and discovering all the nature, culture and beauty across our remarkable islands.

The authorised ports of entry for touring yachts are Port Vila, Luganville, Lenakel (Tanna) and Sola (Vanua Lava). For more information on clearance matters, landing fees and quarantine, visit the Vanuatu Customs & Inland Revenue Department website.