waterfall &  Reil Cave tour

The Waterfall & Reil Cave Tour located near Noda Guesthouse in South West Pentecost are experiences not to be missed.

These two separate tours are perfect for the adventurers visiting Pentecost wanting to explore more of the island. The short hike to Reil Cave includes a visit to a Taro water garden where the river lends a hand watering these beautiful vegetables. The cave itself has a large opening where small bats fly in and out. You'll then be guided into the cave where you'll wade through the water (up to knee length) then crouch down underneath the low hanging roof of the cave. Lined with stalagmites, the roof hangs low for a few metres before opening up to the main cave where an underground waterfall flows down. Encased in darkness, you'll have only a torch for light. This is a very special experience, prepare to be amazed. 

From the cave, it is only another short hike to the waterfall where you will have the option to cool off in the refreshing pools just down from the falls. Although there are several waterfalls in Pentecost, this one is pretty epic. Don't forget to take your camera!

To book this tour, please enquire at Noda Guesthouse, which is just down from the beginning of the hike to both. The cost is less than $20AUD per person and includes a guide and torch for the cave.