Turtle Bay Lodge restaurant & Bar

Sit on the deck over the blue water of Turtle Bay and enjoy a delicious fresh meal or cool drink from Turtle Bay Lodge Restaurant and Bar.

The chef always uses organic, locally grown fruit and vegetables – often which arrives directly from the gardens via dug-out canoe! The famous Santo beef and freshly caught seafood is a highlight for many guests. The restaurant features and extensive menu to cater for all tastes and dietary requirements plus daily specials to ensure there is always something new for you to try.

The restaurant also hosts special events such as Melanesian Feast Night and Sunday Buffet.


Turtle Bay Lodge is the perfect place for those that love snorkelling, kayaking, swimming and the chance to really get away from it all.

Turtle Bay Lodge is found on the point between Turtle Bay and Peterson Bay. There appear to be water views wherever you look. There’s the ocean in one direction, with the delightful Turtle Island beckoning, and there’s the bay in the other direction, which frequently glasses off so there’s not even a ripple to be seen – a breathtaking sight.
Eating one of the many fabulous meals from our restaurant on the deck overlooking the water is a highlight. At high tide the water comes right up and you can watch the fish – or if you’re lucky a ‘black and white’, which is what the staff call the little black and white sea snakes.

Turtle Bay Lodge is a great base from which to explore the island of Espiritu Santo.
It’s also an excellent place to just kick back and relax – you don’t need to go anywhere when you have a delightful swimming pool, a great reef for snorkelling and a peaceful bay for swimming right on your doorstep! Turtle Bay Lodge is owned by Matt and managed by Skye and Dianne. It’s not quite like running a resort in Australia – all materials and tools required for maintenance must be imported. Sometimes we need something important but we simply can’t get it because it’s not available on the island.


VUV10600/night (approx AUD$137)
The Ocean View room offers a kitchenette, en suite bathroom, ceiling fan & your private verandah with beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean. Sit back, relax and unwind after your day in tropical paradise. Continental breakfast is included.

VUV12600/night (approx AUD$163)
The Ocean Front Family Room offers two separate rooms, ceiling fans, en suite bathroom, fridge, private veranda and the ocean 20 metres away from your verandah! Perfect for families. Continental breakfast is included.

VUV7600/night (approx AUD$98)
The Poolside room is great for those on a budget. Your room includes an en suite bathroom, ceiling fan and a private verandah. Continental breakfast is included.

VUV3500/night (approx AUD$46)
The Backpacker room includes an en suite bathroom and ceiling fan. There’s a set of bunk beds and 3 singles. As is the case with all backpacker style accommodation, you may be sharing with somebody you haven’t met before in this room. Price is VUV3500 per person, per night including continental breakfast.


Turtle Bay Lodge has its own restaurant and bar onsite for your convenience. The restaurant features an extensive menu as well as daily specials, ensuring you have something new to choose from every day.
We use organic, locally grown fruit and vegetables and buy most of our seafood from local fishermen who often arrive by dugout canoe! The famous Santo beef is a highlight for many guests.

Occasionally we organise a Melanesian feast. It’s a lot of work – the staff spend all day preparing their traditional local dishes.
The restaurant is staffed entirely by local people and they derive great pleasure from happy customers (sometimes we see the chefs sneaking a look out the window as their meals are delivered so that they can see the guests’ reactions!).


In-House Activities

  • Kayaking

  • Snorkelling

  • Swimming


Visitor Feedback

Sitting on the deck, eating a meal, right on the waterfront in view of Turtle Bay is one of my favourite places to be. Whether it be deck chairs or lounges on the sand or lazing by the pool, there is no choice but to relax. Turtle Bay Lodge is clean and comfortable and the staff are very friendly and helpful in planning any outing you want to do.
— Justin, Australia (2017)