tree of life tour 

discover the importance of the coconut trees to the way of life of the people in vanuatu. 

The tree of life has over 165 different uses. This tour of approximately 2 hours brings you to the large Colmar Plantation, nearby the city of Luganville.  

You will find a unique custom style setting with typical hut, a nakamal and a store with locally created jewellery and art. And of course, lots of objects made of coconuts like handicraft, carvings, and last but not least our Tree of Life virgin organic Coconut Oil.  

We will tell you a lot about our favourite fruit and give you several demonstrations on how coconuts are used or processed. 

-How are coconut palms planted, how do they reproduce and grow, what are the different stages of the fruit?

-How we make weavings, brooms, baskets, walls, etc. with the leaves

-How we grate the coconuts, press out the milk, reduce it to coconut cream,  filter it through a cloth made of coconut fabric and prepare the Vanuatu speciality dish - laplap