When exploring Vanuatu, a small tropical paradise in the South Pacific, the blue holes on the island of Espiritu Santo are a must do.

Experience jungle enclosed, crystal clear, pure, spring water swimming pools and relax in privacy to the quiet sounds of nature.

We have selected the top 5 blue holes to ensure that you don't miss out on this natural wonder of the world. Make sure to book your next trip to Santo, Vanuatu, with direct flights from Brisbane and connecting flights from Sydney, Noumea and Auckland.


Riri Blue Hole

Riri is the first blue hole you will come to when driving up the East Coast Road. But don't let the offer of more blue holes put you off, as this is definitely one not to miss out on. Riri offers a stunning canoe ride up the river to this picturesque natural swimming pool. Whilst this is definitely one of the more untouched attractions in Santo, toilets and changing rooms are available. 


Thar SEcret Blue Hole

The newest of all the blue holes, Thar has definitely been Santo's most well kept secret. This blue hole is popular among the locals as it offers the lowest entrance fee. It's owners have also built a coconut crab sanctuary for guests willing to feed the largest land crabs in the world! These creatures can literally snip your finger off in one go. Sadly, however, they are going extinct so don't miss your chance of a close up encounter. We promise you'll leave with all 10 fingers!


Matevulu Blue Hole

To get to this blue hole you can take a simple detour just down from Riri blue hole OR you can choose the adventure of a lifetime and kayak there from one of the nearby resorts. Cross the Pacific ocean and sail down Matevulu river to the largest of Santo's blue holes. But beware, this 7km kayak is no easy task. Your reward at the end will be well worth it though. Matevulu blue hole is famous for it's massive Banyan tree and hanging rope swing. A photographers delight!  


Nanda Blue Hole

Crystal clear doesn't even begin to describe this blue hole. It is truely one of the remaining natural wonders of the world. Nanda is the clearest blue hole on Santo - so clear that you can easily see the 40m bottom as though you were floating on air. Don't miss out on a refreshing dip and remember to bring your snorkel and fins!


Malo Blue Hole

While not technically on the island of Espiritu Santo, Malo blue hole is so spectacular we just couldn't exclude it from this list. Only a short boat ride from one of the nearby resorts and main wharf in town, Malo blue hole is still as easily accessible as the others and it is by far the most untouched of the five. You will need to kayak to it up the river but you won't regret this either. Some interesting artefacts from WWII can be found within its surroundings as well as absolute privacy and serenity. This is the largest blue hole in Vanuatu.