Handpicked just for you, these beaches are the best that espiritu santo and the northern islands of vanuatu have to offer.

You won't regret visiting any of these picturesque spots in the South Pacific - and you'll most likely have the entire beach to yourself!

From velvet white sand to crystal clear water, the northern islands of Vanuatu have something special to offer every beach lover. You'll even find ones littered with World War II relics for those history buffs out there.

Here are our top 5, but don't let us put you off discovering more! Vanuatu is made up of 83 inhabited islands with picture perfect beaches around every corner.


Port orly

Santo's most northerly village on the East Coast Road, Port Orly is a unique destination that shouldn't be missed.  

This small Francophone village sits on an idyllic stretch of white sandy beach and crystal clear ocean, fringed by endless coconut plantations and overlooked by St Anne’s Catholic Church.

A number of small islands sit just off shore, which you can visit by canoe or walk to at low tide. Enjoy lunch at one of the local Melanesian style restaurants right on the beach, go swimming, snorkelling or even horse riding before returning to Luganville or spending the night in one of the tree house bungalows.


Million Dollar Point

Not far from the coast of Espiritu Santo, the Pacific's bed is littered with tons of Second World War relics dumped by the US military. The site has now become a popular diving and snorkelling destination and is appropriately dubbed Million Dollar Point; purely because the value of the equipment dumped there is believed to be in the millions. Divers have reported seeing large jeeps, six-wheeler trucks, gigantic bulldozers, forklifts, semi-trailers, tractors, sealed boxes of clothing and of course the crates of Coca-Cola.

Million Dollar Point offers something for beach goers and history buffs alike as well as a newly built restaurant & bar and a massage parlour. You can also book dives here with Pacific Dive and Coral Quays Fish & Dive Resort.


tony beach paradise

Situated on Gaua in the Banks and Torres Islands, Tony Beach Paradise is situated on a gorgeous white sand beach on the north of the island. 

A day trip here is very flexible and you can choose to spend half or the entire day at the beach depending on your schedule. Tony Beach has some of the best swimming and snorkelling on Gaua! Spend your morning in the crystal blue waters before enjoying a picnic lunch prepared by Tony himself. Have a nap under a coconut tree, read a book or hop back in the ocean – the choice is yours!

Tony Beach Paradise is also a popular place to stay at to relax at the end of your hike to Lake Letas and Mt. Garet.


Reef island

Go off the beaten track and take a day trip from neighbouring islands Rah and Mota Lava to this beautiful island paradise.

To view more photos of this picturesque beach click here.

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Champagne Beach

PICTURE THIS: a lagoon filled with effervescent water that resembles champagne at low tide, white powdery sand and crystal clear turquoise water.

Nature has shaped the coastline like an old fashioned champagne flute. The sea is flat and shallow and the water crystal clean.

Champagne Beach lies on the east coast of Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu, accessible by a smooth, sealed road.

Take a relaxing 45 minute drive from Luganville, take in the beauty of coconut plantations, cows, villages and local people waving happily as you drive by.

Voted 31st best beach in the world by Flight Network in 2017.