tam tam garden tour 

Tam Tam Garden Tour is like stepping straight into traditional Ni-Vanuatu life.

Based on the kastom of Fao Island in Malekula, Tam Tam Garden Tour is an experience not to be missed! Run by Jean-Michel and his family – all who hail from Fao Island, this half day tour is divided into 8 activities that will let you experience the unique traditions and culture of Fao Island firsthand.

The name tam tam refers to wooden carvings that represent the ancestors of the people of the village and are central to many Vanuatu kastom practices. Tam tams are always placed in pairs – male and female, and it is believed that they each house a spirit, which may offer protection or watch over the village. Tam tams can be struck like drums and are often used during kastom ceremonies.  

When you arrive at Tam Tam Garden Tour, your guides will greet you at the gate to welcome you. They will lead you down a tam tam lined path towards the Nasara (the sacred kastom area) where the chiefs of the village will be waiting to pass on the right of entrance; this will allow you to enter the Nasara.

Once inside the Nasara, the guides will explain about the Namagi Ceremony for electing a new chief and take you into the nearby garden where you will see staple food crops and learn how they are planted, harvested and used. The tour also includes a visit to the village’s Nakamal – chief’s meeting house, and an opportunity to taste kava and learn how it is traditionally prepared.

At the traditional bush kitchen see how local crops are processed and used to create Malekula’s famous dish – laplap sorsor. After, take a break in the fare and enjoy light refreshments, including laplap sorsor, all made from locally grown produce.  Once refreshed, you will visit the handicraft fare where a range of traditional artifacts from Malekula are on display including weaving, baskets, jewellery, carvings, local oils and soaps. All products are hand created by Malekula artisans and are for sale. Finish your tour with an amazing kastom dance performed by the men and women of Tam Tam Garden Tour, and you will have the chance to join in their final dance!   

Tam Tam Garden Tour is the ultimate kastom experience and easy to visit right in Luganville! The Maleb family are looking forward to sharing their home and kastom with you.


  • 3500vt ($40AUD) per person

  • 1700vt ($20AUD) 12 and under

Return transfers and refreshments included in price

New Night Feast - including kava tasting, island buffet, fire dance, sand & rope drawing, and black magic


  • 3500vt ($40AUD) per person

  • 2000vt ($25AUD) 12 and under

Duration: 5.30pm - 7.30pm every night


Visitor Feedback

We did a tour of Santo with Tam Tam Garden Tours and it was absolutely fantastic! They were very accommodating when we made a few last minute changes. Our drivers and guides were very friendly and helpful. We had such a good day seeing amazing places and learning the customs and culture of Santo. We only wish we had more time to enjoy everything longer!
— Rachel, Australia (2017)