tam tam Day Packages

Tam tam tour OPERATORS offer Several Day Packages and experiences Especially designed for cruiseship Passengers. 

The Following day packages can be booked at the Santo Travel Centre prior to your holiday:  

Please note: all tours are minimum 4 people and maximum 25 people - booking in advance is essential


Tam Tam Cultural Package
Experience a cultural tour to Tam Tam Garden as well as stop-offs at Million Dollar PointNanda Blue Hole and the Duty Free Shop.
Cost - $90 pp | $45 kids | Under 5 are FREE


Champagne Beach Package
Enjoy a relaxing drive up the East Coast Road to Champagne Beach with a stop-off at Behov Secret GardenNanda Blue Hole and lunch at Hideaway Bungalows.
Cost - $90 pp | $45 kids | Under 5 are FREE


Taffuntari Waterfall Package
Explore South Santo on a trip to Taffuntari Waterfall including fish feeding and a stop off at both the handicraft market and the Duty Free Shop.
Cost - $75 pp | $35 kids


Aore Island Package (Aore Island ResortFreshwater Plantation)
Explore Aore Island off the coast of Espiritu Santo on this half day tour. You will get the choice to: trek through a giant bat cave, wander through cocoa plantations and organic vege and herb gardens, encounter different farm animals (goats, ducks and chickens), explore a coffee trail and of course get lost amongst the palm trees. 
Cost - $90 pp | $45 kids (includes entrance fee, lunch, bus transfers and boat transfers). 


Dany Island Package
Discover a private island paradise filled with activities for the adventurous snorkellers through to the sleepy beach lovers. Activities include: swimming, snorkelling, surfing, boogie boarding, and relaxing. 
Cost - $90 pp | $45 kids (includes entrance fee, lunch, bus transfers and boat transfers).


Island Culture Package
Experience Leweton Cultural Village and hear the famous water music! You'll also get to swim at Riri Blue Hole, shop at the Duty Free Shop and have lunch at Lope Lope Lodge.
Cost - $90 pp | $45 kids (includes entrance fee, lunch, bus transfers and refreshments)




Visitor Feedback

We did a tour of Santo with Tam Tam Garden Tours and it was absolutely fantastic! They were very accommodating when we made a few last minute changes. Our drivers and guides were very friendly and helpful. We had such a good day seeing amazing places and learning the customs and culture of Santo. We only wish we had more time to enjoy everything longer!
— Rachel, Australia (2017)