santo travel information centre

The santo travel centre sells an array of local goods, handicrafts and artwork.

Some of the items we stock include:

  • Coconut Vinegar - 200vt

  • Dry Lemon - 200vt

  • Ground Turmeric - 200vt

  • Coconut Jam - 380vt

  • Virgin Coconut Oil - 350vt

  • Recycled Plastic Purses - 500vt

  • Artwork by local artist Nellie Jane - 700-1100vt

  • Various other handicrafts - 100-3500vt

Coming soon...

  • Instant Powder Kava

  • Large Canvas Art

  • Various Local Jams and Oils

  • Nangai Nuts


Visitor Feedback

Thanks everyone at Santo Travel for organising places to see and activities to do, making our holiday so fantastic. Nothing was too much trouble.
— Cheryl, Australia (2017)