island fishing Santo

island fishing santo is 100% locally owned with 35 years of fishing and boating experience.

The owner, Fabrice Moderan, grew up on Aese Island and knows these waters like the back of his hand and has a deep respect for the land, waters and animals of Santo.

He will tell you about the fascinating history of Santo while you cruise around the beautiful reefs. An expert fisherman and dugong/turtle spotter (keep your eyes peeled for the very friendly dugong Porcupine!) Fabrice will ensure you have a great day out!

You can choose to do all activities or just one; Island Fishing Santo will cater to your needs.

We offer:

-          Dugong and turtle spotting

-          Incredible snorkeling along Aese Island

-          Fishing  the deep channels off the coast of Santo

-          Day on Aese Island


Visitor Feedback

An amazing tour filled with Vanuatu history, snorkeling, turtle and dugong viewing. I was lucky enough to spot a manta ray while snorkeling and on our trip back I saw both a turtle and some dugongs! Very much recommend this tour with Fabrice.
— Freya, France (2018)