santo firewalk & cultural tour 


Experience the traditions of nearby Pentecost Island just 10 minutes outside Luganville town!

After being greeted by your host you will be welcomed into the grounds where you will be taken on a garden tour. Your host will explain traditional crops, their uses and how they are cultivated. Keep an eye out for the pig with the circled tusks!

Once you are seated in the main area you will be officially welcomed with a kastom song and dance accompanied by traditional tamtam drums. Throughout the tour you will see traditional sand drawing and hear kastom stories, see basket weaving, traditional food preparation (with the chance to taste simboro!) and kastom magic before the big finale performance – fire walking.

Fire walking is a unique cultural practice in Pentecost Island where the men of the village walk across burning hot stones and embers accompanied by tamtam drums and kastom songs, which makes for a dramatic performance!

Light refreshments are provided at the end of the tour and soft drinks are available for purchase.

This is a great family tour and very suitable for children. This is an interactive event, where you can touch, taste, dance and ask many questions of your hosts.  Photographs and video are welcomed at any time during the displays.

A full Melanesian feast is available on request and the group also offers off-site performances for celebrations or events.