River Lodge

River Lodge is located only a short drive from Lonorore airstrip and is perfect for groups or families.

Set in a palm grove opposite a rocky beach a short drive north off the tar sealed Lonorore airstrip, this simple guesthouse has four rooms. The owner, Jonas Tabi, arranges land diving, snorkelling, waterfall and cave tours and custom village tours.

River Lodge is one of the only accommodation options in Pentecost with generator access to charge all your devices and cook/use power at night. There is a fully stocked kitchen available as well as a store only metres away where you can purchase necessities such as water, canned goods, biscuits, crackers, toilet paper, soap etc. 

All meals are included in the daily price of about $40AUD per person. 

River Lodge can accommodate a maximum of 8 people - with 8 single beds. The owner is also able to provide a vehicle to take you on tours around Pentecost for an additional cost. 

This guesthouse is situated beside the Baravet river and from this river, River Guesthouse was named.

Activities around:

  • Lonworan Nagol Tour (land diving) April-June

  • Waterfall & Cave tour

  • Hiking

  • Swimming and snorkelling

  • Explore the river

  • Bilaut Kastom Village tour including vehicle hire