reef & giant clam garden 

Discover a thriving tropical reef just outside Luganville town!

Noticing the slow erosion of the reef outside their home in 2002, Pio and Yvette decided to take matters into their own hands and rehabilitate the area themselves by re-growing coral, removing Crown of Thorns starfishes and feeding the local reef fish. By 2013 the reef was thriving with masses of healthy coral, giant clams, tropical fish – even an octopus or two, and Pio and Yvette decided to open the area to visitors establishing the Reef and Giant Clam Garden.

The 300m long reef has now been declared a conservation area by the Sanma Department of Fisheries and is open to visitors 7 days a week. As you swim offshore you will be able to see a number of tropical fish that are native to Vanuatu waters such as parrot fish, angle fish, anemones, cuttlefish, lots of starfish, coral and of course giant clams.

If you don’t want to snorkel then fish feeding is also available and a viewing platform is currently under construction. After your swim rinse off in the outdoor shower and relax on the shore in the shade.

Snorkel hire and return transfers are included in the visitor cost and this tour is suitable for people of all ages, however children are required to be supervised at all times. There are bathroom amenities onsite and Yvette and Pio both have basic first aid training.


Visitor Feedback

Absolutely stunning coral reef. One of the most beautiful reef’s I’ve ever seen! Amazed that it is so close to the shore. You must take great care of this treasure!
— Lemmy, Australia (2017)