Rah Island Snake Dance

An authentic cultural experience – the Rah Island Snake Dance is one of the most famous kastom dances in all of Vanuatu!

The Rah Snake Dance is unique to Rah Island and can only be performed by the local men. They paint themselves black and white to mimic sea snakes and hold a leaf in their mouth and carry sticks decorated with feathers and orange inedible fruits. The dance takes place on a white sandy beach overlooking the famous Rocks of Rah.

The tour begins with an introduction about the origins of the Rah Snake Dance and story behind the dances. The ten to twelve performers of all ages are accompanied by a local string band, which they dance around in a spectacle not to be missed. At the end of the performance guests – both male and female, will be invited to join in the dance. We recommend that you wear black or old clothes to the performance as the black pigment from the dancers will rub of easily when you join them to dance.


Visitor Feedback

The best welcome I have ever had - Rah Island is a special place! A big thank you to Florence and Cecil for looking after me. My bungalow was the best, the lagoon view was great and the food was delicious. I will be back again!
— Willem, South Africa (2017)