Port Orly Horse riding tours

Experience the ultimate island adventure on these picturesque horse riding trails.

From beginners right through to experienced riders, Port Orly Horse Riding Tours is perfect for the whole family! Ride at your own pace and learn from the best, Jean-Marc, the friendly owner of this horse riding tour. He can speak French, English and Bislama and knows the area like the back of his hands! He will accompany you on your tour through villages, rivers, white sand beaches, gardens, and coconut plantations. Ride for as little or as long as you like but please remember to bring water and wear lots of sunscreen and insect repellent. Refreshments/lunch is included in the longer trails. 


The horses are safe and gentle enough for first time riders and enjoyable for experienced riders. The tours are for small groups of up to 8 guests, so you can be assured of feeling perfectly looked after during the trail ride. 

the Trails

Choose from four different tours that will take you through nearby villages, across rivers, up and down mountains, and of course along the beach of Port Orly. You may even get to ride across a sand bank to a neighbouring island at low tide! 

  • Half Hour Tour
    2000vt per person

Ride through Port Orly Village and along the pristine white sand beach.

  • 1 Hour Tour
    3500vt per person

Ride through Port Orly Village to a sparkling river and back along pristine white sand beach.

  • 2-3 Hour Tour
    5500vt per person

Ride through Port Orly Village all the way to Jean-Marc's house in Billion Village where you will be treated with lunch/refreshments and get to see all the farm animals. You'll see dogs, cats, pigs, goats, cows, horses, ducks and more, then ride back to spend some more time at Port Orly beach.

  • 4+ Hour Tour
    8500vt per person

For the more experienced riders or those looking for a real adventure, ride to the top of Mt Akovon. This is a long tour that can last for 4 or more hours so be prepared and take with you plenty of water, sunscreen and insect repellent. You will be provided lunch but please book in advance so that this can be prepared for you. You'll pass through Port Orly Village and ride across the coconut plantation, you'll go past the villagers' gardens and through wild forest until you reach the peak of the mountain. From here you'll see spectacular views of Elephant, Dolphin and Malet island, all the villages of Port Orly and the beautiful beach that you'll then make your way back to. This trail is a once in a lifetime experience but please make sure you are experienced enough to handle 4+ hours on horseback in the tropics. It can get very hot and humid here and there may not be much shade from the sun at times. Your horse may struggle in the heat too, so please be aware of this.


Open 7 days a week

contact jean-marc for bookings or contact us, the santo travel centre