Port Orly

Santo’s most northerly village on the East Coast road, Port Orly is a unique destination that shouldn’t be missed.

This small Francophone village sits on an idyllic stretch of white sandy beach and crystal clear ocean, fringed by endless coconut plantations and overlooked by St Anne’s Catholic Church.

A number of small islands sit just off shore, which you can visit by canoe or walk to at low tide. Enjoy lunch at one of the local Melanesian style restaurants right on the beach, go swimming, snorkelling or even horse riding before returning to your accommodation or spending the night in one of the island bungalows – we highly recommend that you stay long enough to watch the sun set, it’s absolutely spectacular!


Visitor Feedback

If spending time in Santo, Vanuatu then do yourself a favour and make the time to visit Port Orly. It is an absolutely amazing beach with a couple of small restaurants for a drink or meal. Paradise is the only way to describe Port Orly!
— Lynne, Australia (2018)