Panlike Guesthouse

Located in between a long stretch of pebble beach and a beautiful backdrop of hilly palms, Panlike Guesthouse is a true escape in South Pentecost.   

To arrive there, you may have to travel by boat due to the roads often being out of use depending on the weather. Panlike Guesthouse, located in Ranputor Village, is in a truely remote location but has everything you need. Tucked away in a little enclave and surrounded by friendly villagers, cows, and dogs, you'll feel right at home there. The owner, Joseph Bule, organises an exclusive Nagol (land diving) tour from April-June, as well as the Ratap Kastom Village & Garden tour, banana boat tours and snorkelling tours.

This guesthouse has a total of 3 rooms - 1 double, 1 single, and 1 family or group room, with a total of 11 single beds. Group lodging is available.

There is no generator, only solar power, with access to a power point inside your room for charging your devices. 

All meals are included in the daily rate which is about $40AUD per person. 2 nearby shops are also available for purchasing essentials such as water, soap, canned goods, biscuits, crackers, toilet paper etc. 

According to locals, extremely rare yellow ringed eels can be spotted on the nearby reefs when snorkelling.

Activities around:

  • An exclusive Nagol tour (not available for other day guests or visitors to Pentecost)

  • Ratap Kastom Village and Garden tour

  • Absolute beachfront swimming and snorkelling at 2 stunning nearby reefs