pangi Nangol Tour


Pangi is often the main Nagol open to guests on cruise ship days.

Experience the thrill of the land diving ceremony, unique to the island of Pentecost. This ceremony was the inspiration behind A. J. Hackett's invention of bungee jumping, made famous in New Zealand. See boys as young as 7 dive head first off wooden towers around 20 to 30 metres high, with only two tree vines wrapped around their ankles for support. 

According to the Guinness World Records, the g-force experienced by those at their lowest point in the dive is the greatest experienced in the non-industrialised world by humans.


The origin of land diving is described within a kastom story of a woman who was dissatisfied with her husband, Tamalie. It is sometimes claimed that the woman was upset that her husband was too vigorous regarding his sexual wants, so she ran away into the bush. Her husband followed her, so she climbed a large banyan tree. Tamalie climbed after her and so she tied vines to her ankles and jumped and survived. Her husband jumped after her but did not know to tie vines to himself, which caused him to plummet and die. Originally, women did it in respect to the original woman who did it, but husbands were not comfortable with seeing their wives in such positions, so they took the sport for themselves, and it gradually changed from trees to specifically designed wooden towers. The men performed the original land diving so that they would not be tricked again.

The land diving ritual is also associated with the annual yam harvest. It is performed annually in the months of April, May, or June. A good dive helps ensure a bountiful yam harvest.

The villagers believe land diving can enhance the health and strength of the divers. A successful dive can remove the illnesses and physical problems associated with the wet season. Furthermore, land diving is considered an expression of masculinity, as it demonstrates boldness that was associated with the bwahri or warrior. Nevertheless, the men or boys who do not choose to dive or back out of diving are not humiliated as cowards.

In the Sa language, gol refers to both the tower and the land dive. The tower symbolically represents a body, with a head, shoulders, breasts, belly, genitals, and knees. The diving platforms represent the penises and the struts beneath represent the vaginas. There are two types of land dives you can witness: a male one and a female one. The main differences being the way the towers are built and how the divers jump with divers jumping from a female tower sitting down on top the platform as opposed to standing up.