pandanas guesthouse

This is your chance to explore the island of Malo or simply relax and enjoy the hospitality of Vuro and Vomalehi (Owners). 

Located in a delightful garden, Pandanus Guest House has three bungalows and a comfortable dining room that caters for all meals. Mosquito nets are provided. Rain water is provided for drinking, fresh well-water for bathing (bucket showers) and a bucket flush toilet.

Vuro operates his generator in the evenings for lighting.  Breakfast lunch and dinner are catered for; the food is interesting and plenty.  Vomalehi will even show you how to make lap-lap if you are interested!

Short tours are available for those wishing to explore the island further. These include –
•    Cave and garden tour
•    Beach visits
•    Around Malo Island Tour

Vomalehi can also organize an exclusive cultural event displaying custom dancing from Malo Island and traditional food preparation.


  • All meals  

  • Separate shared facilities

  • 2 Double with balcony + 1 Twin