Nonn wakeurr bungalows 

These bungalows have the best imaginable location with turquoise waters at your doorstep.

They are basic but clean with a private toilet & showers, own gas stove with plenty of tea and coffee available. Enjoy the super friendly village, and most of all the beach. You can watched sunrise & sunset from your porch. Electricity for the village is generated from coconut oil. If you ask, the locals will proudly show you how. 

There are now five beach bungalows, which are locally built, with timber walls and traditional Natangora palm thatch roofs. Each one has 1 double and 1 single bed. Mosquito nets are provided. The new bungalow (Nonn Wakeurr Bungalow) has an additional hot water facility and a freezer. Mains electricity is available in the evenings, from 5.00pm to 11.00pm.

Little Paradise Bungalows of Port Orly is owned and managed by Tarcisius Alguet. He is bilingual and speaks both French & English, and provides excellent assistance to his guests.

The Harbor Beach restaurant is very close. You can have your breakfast by the beach and watch the turtles or request to be served in front of your bungalows. They have great food, soft drinks and beer. Ordering a couple of hours in advance is advisable. Good, simple, local food is served. Drinking water is rainwater. The Latamav-Sigon de Port Olry Co-op store (LMS store) is well stocked with fresh bread from the community bakery and other drinks.

In-House Activities

  • Island and village walkabout tour

  • Boat charter for deep sea fishing and surfing

  • Church visit


Visitor Feedback

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— Willem, South Africa (2017)