Noda Guesthouse

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Noda Guesthouse is located on the scenic western coast of South Pentecost.

The guesthouse overlooks a pleasant beach which is suitable for swimming, and nearby coral reefs provide good opportunities for snorkelling. Behind the waterfall are mountain caves and the spectacular falls that give the village its name.

Services: accommodation - 14 beds (3 double), self-contained kitchen and organises general tours in south Pentecost. Noda provides electricity, and there is a flush toilet and shower.

Tours avaliable with Noda Guesthouse

  • Land Diving/Nangol Tour (April to June only)
  • Cool and refreshing swim at the waterfall
  • Visit to Reil Cave
  • Forest trekking
  • Mountain walk
  • Canoeing
  • Floating stone
  • Snorkelling
  • Sand drawing
  • Basket weaving demonstration
  • Traditional cooking
  • visit to custom village
  • Custom dancing
  • Kava preparation and drinking
  • Melanesian feast night (every Saturday during land-diving season)

visitor feedback

The Noda Guesthouse is a very clean property with several waterfront bungalows. Within a short walk is a a quiet waterfall and you can hire a guide to walk a bit further to a taller series of cascades. The food was good and included in the price. The dining area faces the water. All in all, the stay was relaxing and enjoyable. Highly recommend it!
— Yasmin, America (2017)