mota lava kastom village

Owned by John Kraman Malantan, Mota lava Kastom Village is an exceptional and authentic cultural experience!

The village is situated on the beach in Kwerumagte village, which is just a short walk from all Mota Lava accommodation options. The tour runs for approximately 1 hr 30 minutes and your guide will meet you at your bungalows and walk with you to the village. Yachts can anchor outside Kwerumagte bay and are more than welcome to join this tour.

There are nine different activities to watch and engage with during this tour. You will begin with an introduction from your tour guide followed by a lively welcome dance. From here, you will you’re your way around the village to watch the different demonstrations, which your guide will explain in detail. Learn how Vanuatu Chiefly ranking is decided and how different native flowers signify different chiefly rituals. You will get to see how shell money is made and witness kastom practices only found on Mota Lava and much, much more! The tour finishes with a traditional Magic Dance; guests – both male and female, are invited to join the final dance of the show. A great photo opportunity you don’t want to miss!

Light refreshments are served on the beach after the tour.

In-House Activities

  • Island and village walkabout tour

  • Welcome dance

  • Light refreshments