Mama's Market

Enjoy local kakai (food) at the mama's market in town, next to the fruit & vegetable markets.

At the markets you will often get to choose from:

  • steak, vegetables & rice
  • omelette
  • fish, vegetables & rice
  • beef stew & rice
  • chicken, vegetables & rice  

The prices will normally range from 350-500vt ($4-$6). 

There will also be drink options available from homemade lemonade (delicious) right through to coffee or tea. Every stall offers something different so make sure to ask what your options are!

Please be aware that the portions of rice will often exceed expectation. 


Visitor Feedback

If you want to experience locally made food that is yummy and cheap then go straight to the mama’s markets. Right next to the hustle and bustle of the food markets and with friendly local chefs, you can’t go wrong!
— Chris, New Zealand (2018)