Malo blue hole

Explore one of the true wonders of the world on the island of malo, vanuatu.

Malo Blue Hole is a picturesque freshwater natural swimming hole surrounded by jungle and teeming with tropical fish.

There are no facilities on-site so be prepared for the most "off the beaten track" blue hole experience in Vanuatu.

Getting to Malo is easy whether from the town of Luganville or from the nearby islands of Aore, Ratua or Bokissa. The resorts on these islands will drop you off at a small beach on the riverbank on Malo Island. Then you are welcome to hop in a canoe and paddle an easy 20 minute row till you arrive at the stunning blue hole.  

Don't forget to bring your snorkel, insect repellent and packed lunch if you plan to stay long. 

The boat back to your resort will be waiting for you when you're ready to leave. But we feel sure that you won't want to!

Explore more of Malo Island here.


Visitor Feedback

The row down the river is fantastic. Absolutely surreal - it feels like you are on the set of the next Jurrasic park movie. There is no mistaking the dramatic change in water colour from crystal clear to a beautiful, turquoise blue. Definitely felt like the most untouched blue hole and exciting experience we had in Vanuatu!
— Mike, New Zealand (2016)