Mahogany Treehouse 

The most exquisite and unique treehouse bungalow santo has to offer.

Attractive, comfortable and quiet sea-front bungalows for tourists. Your host Quiros speaks both English and French. It is about 1 hour max by truck from Luganville town.

The fascinating bungalow is built in a traditional style setting on top of a tree trunk. The bungalow has 1 double and 1 single bed, plus a private, modern hot solar shower in it and toilet facilities. It has a precise exceptional sea-front view of Port Orly Harbour and is a great place to relax while exploring the East Coast.


Bungalow per night, Single, 8,500 VT

ungalow per night, Double/Family 12,000 VT


·         Relaxing, swimming & snorkelling + beach on your doorstep

·         Champagne Beach

·         Blue Holes

·         Fishing

·         Horse Riding

·         Kayaking