Lonnoc Beach bungalows 

The bungalows of Lonnoc Beach are nestled on the beautiful shores of Lonnoc, just around the corner from another popular destination - the pristine white sands of Champagne Beach.

The Vocor Family are very friendly and they will serve you with their warm hospitality and they will do just about anything to make your stay a memorable one.Chief Kalmer Vocor, the patriarch of the family started his bungalow business twenty five years ago and has always dreamt that someday his daughter can take over the business.Presently, the family manages 11 bungalows which have been a popular venue for conferences and workshops. Lonnoc Beach Bungalows can accommodate practically any occasion or events like weddings, parties or conferences. Their Conference room is situated right next to the restaurant, and can hold up to 50 persons. It is equipped with white boards, pens, markers, and various electrical and computer equipment to assist the needs of their guests.

While staying in one of the bungalows which are strategically located not far from the ocean (just about thirty meters), you have so many options to choose from: you may go swimming, you might try snorkeling in the nearby reefs, and you may also try kayaking. And if not one of the options mentioned seem to be interesting to you, you may just want to relax on the beautiful sandy beach. Kayaks and snorkeling equipment are conveniently available for use of their guests, and guess what?  It is free of charge!

They also have both a restaurant and bar which are open to their guests and the public all through the day to serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. They serve continental breakfast (cereal, bread toast and fresh tropical fruits) to their guests.  Breakfast is included in the accommodation.  They also offer lunch and dinner a-la-carte.  The bar serves beer, wine and non-alcoholic beverages. During the first Saturday of every month, they have a Special Buffet Lunch that features lobster, fish, chicken and steak. The featured menu comes with salad, rice, vegetables, kumala chips, and fruit juice for a very reasonable price of 2,000 vatu per person.  Children are charged only half the price. Full bar service is always available.


Services & facilities

Lonnoc Beach Bungalows operates eleven separate bungalows which are strategically located not far from the beach (just about thirty meters). All the eleven bungalows are maintained and serviced daily. Each bungalow is provided with beddings, mosquito nets, mosquito coils, and hurricane lamps. Electricity for the restaurant, kitchen, conference room and bungalows is provided by a generator.