Londot traditonal kastom experience

get the full pentecost experience in this all inclusive tour operation.  

Londot Traditional Kastom Experience is the work of Luke Fargo - the owner of Mari Beach Bungalows and the Luke Fargo Nagol Tour. Mr fargo was also the first to open a land diving attraction for tourists on his home island Pentecost. With his wealth of knowledge from working in the tourism industry for so long, he has now expanded to open this all-inclusive tour operation. 

Activities and tours:

  • Traditional cooking styles - bamboo, stone oven, open fire

  • Mat weaving

  • Baby washing

  • Sand drawings (a dying art form in Vanuatu)

  • Fire starting

  • Garden tour

  • Traditional house building (to protect against cyclones)

  • Kastom village tour

  • Kastom dances and ceremony

  • Nagol Tour (during April-June)


You can choose to experience as little or as much as you want on this tour, depending on how much time each activity will take. The price for this tour is generally about $60AUD and includes a lunch of local kakai (food). To allow enough preparation time, please book through the Santo Travel Centre.