Leumerus Bungalows

Owned by Robert Issachar, Leumerus Bungalow was the first bungalow to be established in Sola.

Just 15 minutes walk from Sola airport, the bungalows are located in front of Sola Harbour with a spectacular ocean view – it is the perfect spot to watch the sunrise over the eastern side of the bay. 

Leumerus has 4 traditional bungalows serviced with western style amenities. Facing the ocean on a black sandy beach, the bamboo walls and natangora (thatched) roof will keep you cool as you fall asleep to the sound of the waves. 

Conveniently located in Sola – the Provinical capital of Torba, Leumerus Bungalows is just a two minute walk from the town centre and Provinical headquarters. This makes the bungalows ideal for visitors staying for vacation or business purposes.

Robert and his family are happy to accompany you to town and show you the sites, such as the local fresh food market where you can buy fresh organic local produce like coconuts and tropical fruits.

In-House Activities

  • Sola walking tour

  • Visit to Twin Waterfalls

  • Visit to Masina Beach

  • Banks handicraft centre

  • Fishing