kokonat wokbaot tours 

In Bislama, ‘kokonat’ refers to the coconut – an important and highly valued staple of Ni-Vanuatu life, and ‘wokbaot’ means to walk or explore. Together, the name ‘Kokonat Wokbaot’ loosely translates to ‘the tree of life that walks’. Owned by Santo local Rita, Kokonat Wokbaot is committed to showing you the true beauty of Santo.

It is the aim of Kokonat Wokbaot tours to give visitors an experience they won’t forget and, with their team of passionate local drivers and tour guides, help you discover the true Vanuatu. Kokonat Wokbaot sees travel as a tool to share kastom (culture) and facilitate inter-cultural appreciation, and offers a range of tours put together so you can have a fun, affordable and uniquely Santo experience. Kokonat Wokbaot treats their guests like part of the family and all tours end with a farewell lunch and an offer to keep in touch via the Kokonat Wokbaot Facebook page.

Kokonat Wokbaot directly supports the local community with a portion of your tour profit being used to purchase essential stationary supplies for pre-school children in several villages around Santo. As with all our local tourism operators, choosing to support Ni-Vanuatu owned businesses helps strengthen the local economy and gives the community an opportunity to share their unique kastom with you.

Book your Santo experience with Kokonat Wokbaot today and choose from the following tours:



Swim and Snorkel Experience –

Full day tour – 9:00am – 3:30pm

Visit – Champagne Beach, Riri Blue Hole, Luganville Sightseeing including Kokonat Handicraft shop and mini WWII museum

Difficulty – easy

Child friendly – yes

What to bring – towel, hat, camera, snorkelling gear, reef shoes, drinking water, sunscreen, sunglasses

Min number: 6 people 6

Max people: 35 *Note: discounts given for more than 8 people

Suitable for cruise ships: yes


Bicycle Tour –

Full Day Tour – 9:00am – 3:30pm

Visit – Banban community (Arantoa), coconut experience, million dollar point

Difficulty – moderate

Child friendly – ages 14 and above

What to bring – hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, comfortable shoes, camera, water, snorkelling gear and swimmers

Min people: 6

Max number: 15

Suitable for cruise ships: yes


Cultural Tour -

Full day or half day tour option

Visit – Leweton Cultural Village, pre-school at Solway Community and Nanda Blue Hole

Difficulty – easy

Child friendly – yes

What to bring – towel, hat, sunscreen, camera, snorkelling gear, reef shoes, swimmers, drinking water

Min people: 6

Max people: 35

Suitable for cruise ships: yes


Adventure Tour –

2 full day tours 

Sightseeing Luganville town, 5 river village (5 hour hike) in South Santo

Difficulty – moderate to hard

Child friendly – no

What to bring – mosquito repellent, walking shoes, backpack, water, camera, hate, snacks

Min people: 2

Max people 10


All tours are 10,000vt (+ 1000vt for additional transfers)

Cost includes pick up and drop off, all entrance fees, lunch and refreshments.



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