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Taxis and busses will pull over when signalled

If you need to catch a taxi or bus anywhere in Luganville town or to one of Santo's attractions and our members, please signal one with a slight hand gesture (wave). A bus fare anywhere around town is usually always 150vt ($2AUD). A taxi will cost you 200vt ($2AUD). If you want to go somewhere out of town then please hail a taxi and negotiate the price before you hop in (buses are generally for town only, unless you are a large group or a cruise ship passenger). Fares will differ in price from taxi to taxi but in general are as follows:

  • Taxi fare to the blue holes  - 3000-5000vt return (your taxi driver will wait for you)
  • Taxi fare to Million Dollar Point - 500-1000vt one way (return will cost extra or you can wait for a bus which can sometimes take a while)
  • Taxi fare to Champagne Beach or Port Orly - 6000-8000vt one way | 10,000-12,000vt return (your taxi driver will wait for you)
  • Taxi fare to Coral Quays (end blo kol tar), Giant Clam & Reef Garden - 500-1000vt one way