freshwater plantation

Located on Aore Island, just across the Segond Canal from Luganville, Freshwater Plantation is in the perfect position for a day trip for visitors of all ages.

Freshwater Plantation’s history dates back to WWII when the US military created an allied naval base on Espiritu Santo. The Plantation supplied the military with fresh water, which is where it got its name.

Today, owners Klaas and Maria have transformed the plantation into an organic farm that also offers a range of fun, family friendly experiences and a delicious restaurant that serves locally-sourced cuisine with a modern twist. Stay for 2 hours or all day – it’s up to you!

All tours include return transfers from Saint Michel wharf where the boat will be waiting to take you across to Aore Island.  On arrival, your guide will meet you and take you up to the Plantation House Restaurant where a short briefing is given before you start your tour. 


How Chocolate Starts –

Everyone loves chocolate and its making is a labour of love in more ways than one. Come see the Cocoa tree plantation and learn how the pods and beans are harvested and fermented right on plantation. There will also be some delicious chocolate treats waiting for you at the end of your tour.

*Children: 0 – 4 yrs: Free / 5 – 12 yrs: 30% discount

Plantation Ramble –

Take a relaxing guided walk through the lower plantation visiting the cacao trees and the Plantation’s abundant vegetable and herb garden that supplies the Plantation House Restaurant.

*Children: 0 – 4 yrs: Free / 5 – 12 yrs: 30% discount

Big Cave Adventure –

Visit a one of kind experience on Santo! In the hill above the lower Plantation visit an amazing natural geological cavern where you can venture across the suspension bridge to visit the thousands of bats that live inside. Climb out of the cave to see sweeping views of the plantation and across Segond Canal to Luganville town.

*Children: 0 – 4 yrs: Free / 5 – 12 yrs: 30% discount

Animal Encounter –

The Plantation is home to a number of friendly animals, including ducks, goats and chickens who are always up for a feed! The goats are milked twice a day (fresh cold goat’s milk is served at the Plantation House Restaurant) and there is always a new batch of duck hatchlings or a poddy calf or two to be found in the home paddock.

*Children: 0 – 4 yrs: Free / 5 – 12 yrs: 30% discount

Island Chill –

Spend the day exploring the Plantation with a combination of the Big Cave Adventure, Plantation Ramble, How Chocolate Starts and Animal Encounter Tour. This is the perfect day tour for the whole family and is best finished with a delicious meal at the Plantation House Restaurant.

4,000vt / $50AU

*Children: 0 – 4 yrs: Free / 5 – 12 yrs: 30% discount

Outback Adventure –

Be adventurous and spend the day hiking the well marked trails of the Coffee Camp Trail (medium hike) or Banyan Tree Hike (distance hike) after taking the Big Cave Adventure Tour. Both trails offer beautiful views over Aore Island and Luganville town and as you walk further into the rainforest discover the secret gardens of ginger, pineapple and Arabica coffee.

5,000vt / $60AU

*Children: 0 – 4 yrs: Free / 5 – 12 yrs: 30% discount

Island Safari –

Pick up and drop off boat transfer from Saint Michelle Wharf and explore Aore Island by 4x4. Your Ni-Vanuatu guide is a wealth of knowledge and will take you through various private plantations throughout the island where you can meet the locals, visit the Aore Island Mission and various WWII relics.

6,500vt / $80AU

*Children: 0 – 4 yr - Free / 5 – 12 yrs - 30% discount

Bicycle Explore –

Explore Aore Island at your pace and hire one of our ‘cruiser bikes’. We provide a helmet, backpack and optional picnic lunch so you can be safely on your way in no time. The roads are flat and well marked, just be sure to bring plenty of water!

3,000vt / $35AU

*Children: 0 – 4 yrs: Free / 5 – 12 yrs: 30% discount


Optional Extras –

Bicycle Hire:                                   2,000vt / $24AU

Basket Weaving Lesson:                  900vt / $11AU

Picnic Lunch:                                  1,200vt / $15AU



Visitor Feedback

Aore Freshwater Plantation is something not to be missed in Santo! We did not know what to expect and we had such a pleasant surprise! It was the perfect way to end our holiday in Vanuatu.
— Lydia, Australia (2018)