Tours for families, couples and groups 

Make the most of your shore-time when you visit Espiritu Santo and pre-book one of our amazing day trips!

By booking one of our tours before you arrive you'll be able to start your adventure as soon as you disembark. Our friendly staff will be waiting to greet you when you arrive at Luganville Port at the information desk and can guide you directly to your waiting transport.

The following tours are for two or more people and differ in price and length. Please discuss details with your guide before you take off, such at what time you need to be back at the wharf or in town.

Children 12 and under are half price.

We hope you have the adventure of a lifetime and enjoy all that Santo has to offer! From everyone at the Santo Travel Centre, Vanuatu Tourism Office and the Department of Tourism - welcome to Paradise!


Tam Tam Garden Tours

Tam Tam Tour Operators offer 6 different day trip packages specifically designed for cruise day passengers. A minimum of 4 guests per tour applies.

  1. Tam Tam Cultural Package
  2. Champagne Beach Package
  3. Taffuntari Waterfall Package
  4. Aore Island Package
  5. Dany Island Package
  6. Island Culture Package

For full details and prices click on this link.

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Luganville sightseeing tour

See the highlights of Luganville town - including the handicraft market, Unity Park, fresh food market, copra mill, hospital, schools, and hear about Luganville's interesting history! Your guide will also point out important points of interest such as money exchange, visitor information centre, cafes and the duty free store. 

$30AUD pp | $35NZD pp | 3000vt pp
4 OR MORE: $20 | $25 | 2000vt pp 


WWII History Tour

Discover Santo's unique WWII history! Learn about Santo's time as the second largest WWII allied military base in the Pacific as you visit Million Dollar Point, the remains of the Japanese Prisoner-of-War Jail and the miniature South Pacific WWII Museum.

$70AUD pp | $75NZD pp | 7000vt pp
4 OR MORE: $50 | $55 | 5000vt pp


Million Dollar Point

Snorkel Million Dollar Point and explore an amazing array of WWII relics. The sunken jeeps, boats, and tanks have formed an artificial reef that is teeming with sea-life. The perfect destination for ocean lovers and history buffs alike!

$35AUD pp | $40NZD pp | 3500vt pp
4 OR MORE: $25 | $30 | 2500vt pp


Leweton Cultural Tour

Discover the unique culture of the Banks Islands, Torba Province. Taste kava and learn about traditional food preparation, join in with the custom dances and see the famous women's water music! 

$40AUD pp | $45NZD pp | 4000vt pp
4 OR MORE: $30 | $35 | 3000vt  pp 


Nanda Blue Hole

Venture up the east coast to Nanda Blue hole - a natural pool of clear blue spring water in the heart of the jungle. Facilities available include toilets, changing rooms, diving decks, and a cafe that serves light refreshments and drinks.

$75AUD pp | $80NZD pp | 7500vt pp
4 OR MORE: $45 | $50 | 4500vt pp


Millennium Cave Tour

Millennium cave is an adventure you don’t want to miss! This full day tour begins with an off-road drive from Luganville to Nambel Village in central South Santo. After a short walk you will arrive at Vunaspef village where you will begin your hike deep into the heart of the jungle. You will trek across bamboo bridges, canyon over and under large boulders, encounter bats and other cave dwellers, and enjoy a magical river ride surrounded by lush tropical rainforest.

$120AUD pp | $125NZD pp | 12,000vt pp


Riri Blue hole

Venture up the east coast to Riri Blue hole. This stunning swimming hole is surrounded by overhanging jungle and is surrounded by shaded decks and chairs for your use. A short canoe tour up the river will cost you an extra 1000vt ($10AUD).

$70AUD pp | $75NZD pp | 7000vt pp
4 OR MORE: $40 | $45 | 4000pp


Champagne Beach

Visit the most beautiful beach in Vanuatu - Champagne Beach! This pristine beach is on the north east coast of Santo and you will drive through coconut plantations and villages to get there. Once at the beach relax in the sun, swim and snorkel until you are ready to return to the ship.

$80AUD pp |$85NZD pp | 8000vt pp
4 OR MORE: $50 | $55 | 5000vt pp

Add an extra stop at beautiful Riri Blue Hole on the way -

$110AUD pp | $115NZD pp | 11,000vt pp
4 OR MORE: $80 | $85 | 8000vt pp


Port Orly

Visit stunning Port Orly Beach on the northern tip of Santo's east coast. Enjoy lobster, coconut crab or fresh fish right on the beach. Swim, snorkel or kayak the crystal clear ocean, explore the nearby village and islands, or treat yourself to an island-style massage right on the sand!

$85AUD pp | $90NZD pp | 8500vt pp
4 OR MORE: $60 | $65 | 6000vt pp

Add an extra stop at the famous Champagne Beach and Riri Blue Hole -

$130AUD pp | $135NZD pp | 13,000vt pp
4 OR MORE: $100 | $105 | 10,000vt pp 


Land Diving in Pentecost

Experience the ultimate thrill of the Nagol kastom on Pentecost Island. This ceremony is held every Wednesday and Saturday from April to June. We offer the following packages:

  • Day Package : 17,000vt
    Fly in and fly out on the same day (Saturday only)
    Includes entrance fee, lunch & kastom entertainment
  • 3 Night Stay : 33,800vt
    Fly in on Wednesday and fly out on Saturday
    Includes 3 nights' accommodation, all meals & entrance fee
    Please note that flights and transfers not included.