"The last of the real islands - it's the place & the people"

Torba Province is the northernmost province of Vanuatu, just a half hour flight above Sanma Province. Torba is made up of over 15 islands, which are divided into the Torres and Banks Islands. Torba has an estimated total population of around 9,500 people who are friendly, welcoming and cannot wait to show you their island home!

Relatively new on the international tourism scene, Torba is Vanuatu’s best kept secret. Famous for its white sandy beaches, world-class fresh seafood, unique culture and dense rainforests, you can be sure that your visit to the northern islands will be an experience you will never forget. Each island is unique and offers its own adventure. Choose to visit Gaua, Vanualava, Motalava, Rah or Loh Island – or island hop between them all to get the ultimate Melanesian island experience! 

While there are no standard hotels in Torba, the island style bungalows, home-stays, tours and activities on offer are high quality and have been developed collaboratively by the local community. In fact all tourism operations in Torba are Ni-Vanuatu owned ventures! This means that when you visit these islands you can be sure that your money is returned directly to the community.


Gaua is the largest and second most populous island in Torba and is known for it's stunning landscape. Boasting an active volcano, Vanuatu's largest lake and highest waterfall - it's the perfect destination if you're after an adventure!

As you fly in to airport you will see the rugged coastline and dense jungle that covers most of the island - with small villages and gardens dispersed through out. The majority of the island's population live on the east coast, close to the airport, which is the perfect place to start exploring the island.

The best way to see Gaua is by foot. Meet the locals and wander through nearby villages or head out on a full day or multi-day guided trek through untouched rainforests. Gaua is also home to the world famous water music. This extraordinary cultural practice is unique to the women of Gaua and is not practiced by anyone else in the world. It's an amazing experience that has to be seen (or heard) to be believed and definitely isn't to be missed!

If you are looking for an adventure that offers pristine natural environments and unique Melanesian culture, Gaua is the island for you!


Stay - Gaua

Play - Gaua


Vanualava is home to Sola, the provincial capital of Torba. Fringed by black sandy beaches and thriving coral reefs, and home to rapids,  rivers, waterfalls and an active volcano, this island has far more to offer than just business!

During your stay trek through old-growth bush, snorkel on coral reefs, visit sea caves or one of the nearby islands. While you are here make sure you keep an eye out for one of the resident saltwater crocodiles - decedents of the original four crocodiles who escaped a passing missionary ship in the 1800s! 


Stay - Vanualava

PLay - Vanualava

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If you want to experience true Melanesian hospitality then Motalava is the island for you!

The people of Motalava are a close-knit, welcoming community who mostly live in villages along the island's coast. Away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, the community maintains a mostly self-sufficent lifestyle getting what they need from the their surrounding environment.

This is the perfect destination for a home-stay style experience - learn to weave, attend a church service or go to a local nakamal, join in on the evening fishing trip and visit a family garden to help pick fresh fruit and vegetable, which will be used to create a delicious Melanesian meal for you that night. If you are lucky, you may even be able to join in a community event in the main square!

The island itself is fringed by white sandy beaches and clear lagoons teeming with blue starfish and tropical fish. Coconut plantations, bright flower, thriving gardens and jungle cover the land all way to the island's highest point - Sleeping Mountain. Motalava is just like the classic tropical islands you dream of.


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Rah is the smallest but most well known island in the Banks region, thanks mostly to British photographer Jimmy Nelson who featured Rah in his Before They Pass Away series. This tiny island has a population of 90 people and sits just off the coast of Motalava. You can get to Rah from Motalava by Taxi-Canoe or by wading across the channel at low tide. 

Though it is located close to Motalava, Rah island maintains its own distinct culture. Most famous is the Rah Island Snake Dance, which is performed by the men in the village, accompanied by traditional drums and kastom songs. To experience more of Rah's unique culture you can visit the Rah Kastom Village, learn how shell money is made and climb the famous Rock of Rah! 

During your visit, you will be staying right on the beach and will fall asleep to the gentle sound of waves. You can swim, snorkel and fish straight from your bungalow and walk around the island at low tide. Your host will be more than happy to accompany you and give you a personal tour of the village!


Stay - Rah

Play - rah


Loh island is the most northern and remote island you can visit in Vanuatu. Located in the Torres island group, this pristine island is a true tropical island escape! 

Due to its remote location, not many tourists venture to Loh. However those that do find a welcoming and friendly community, stunning beaches and coral reefs, and plenty of fresh lobster and coconut crab to dine on! Your stay on Loh will give you a true taste of Melanesian life and the opportunity to disconnect from the outside world.


Stay - Loh

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